Have you tried to learn Java before and failed? 

The main reason why people try to learn how to code and then give up is because it's too difficult.

Why is it too difficult?

The instructor makes all the difference!

Find out why I've been called the best programming teacher on the planet.

Hint: it's because I have a gift for explaining complex concepts.

Four Reasons Why This Is Different

 Reason #1 

The instructor (Trevor Page) has a remarkable talent for teaching, and he's an expert coder... two skills that rarely exist in one person.

Reason #2 

We've only ever offered Coders Campus as a monthly membership, never a "pay once and get access to everything for life".

No more worrying if you're "getting your money's worth" if life starts to get in the way of your learning.

Reason #3 

Other Java courses just barely scratch the surface of the language, Coders Campus gives you a full education.

With over 150 hours of videos, you'll have a very deep understanding of Java and creating web applications. 

Reason #4 

You have my full permission to use all the code we create together in your GitHub/Bit Bucket account.

Show off that code to impress potential employers!

I Can Help You Reach Your Goal. (Just Ask!)

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